Lidl Gmbh Uk, Furthergate, Blackburn


Project Title: Lidl Gmbh Uk, Furthergate, Blackburn

Client: Lidl, Gmbh UK

Contractor: Hargreaves Contracting

Location: Blackburn, Lancashire

Sector: Retail

Services: HVAC Testing & Commissioning.

Specification: AHU x1 / EF x3 / SF x2 / HRU x2 / VAV x3 / TMV x15

Project Summary

ECS is again delighted to have been appointed comissioning specialist to provide HVAC testing and commissioning of all mechanical services for yet another Lidl store on behalf of Ivegate Ltd. 

A central Kampmann AHU serves the main saes area with all ductwork installed at high level. The latest revision specification incorporates VAV technology, three pressure independent VAVs installed throughout and commissioned on site by ECS help conserve energy through varying supply air volume based on the differing heating and cooling strategy and building occupancy. Comtrolled via the building management systems, VAVs adjust the required volume of supply air based on space CO2 levels and/or in accordance of the heating and cooling strategy, delivering a significant reduction in energy consumption. 

The staff welfare facilities are served via two heat recovery units, each HRU along with the extract fans in the bakery, customer WC’s and the two chiller void supply fans were all tested and commissioned by our engineers over a week-long commissioning period. 

ECS have now completed the HVAC testing and commissioning of over 50 Lidl stores nationwide, from Thurso on the furthermost tip of mainland Scotland to Newport on the Isle of Wight. 

Key Contact


Scott Hartley

Managing Director

01535 600688

AHU x1
EF x3
SF x2
HRU x2
VAV x3
TMV x15