How to get the best from your new HVAC system

Heating and cooling systems can be expensive to run, particularly if they’re not maintained or poorly installed. If you have a new HVAC system installed into your building you should enjoy considerable efficiency savings compared to older systems.

Commercial HVAC systems work in different ways, but the principles of looking after them are the same.

What can you do to ensure that your HVAC system works as effectively and efficiently as possible?

Keeping your HVAC system in top condition

Keeping your HVAC system in top condition can help to keep running costs in check while reducing the risk of significant downtime. What can you do to ensure that your HVAC system operates as effectively and efficiently as possible while extending its service life?

Here are some of the primary ways to keep your HVAC system operating as efficiently as possible.

Professional Maintenance

There is nothing as effective when it comes to ensuring the proper functioning of your HVAC system as regular maintenance. The helps to make sure that your system is running as effectively as possible and that any problems are identified in good time. This can prevent smaller problems from becoming large problems leading to significant downtime. It also ensures that your HVAC system remains compliant.

Ideally, maintenance should take place at least twice a year, with the best time being spring and autumn. This is because your air conditioning system will be working harder in the winter and summer. Older units, and units that are subject to extra strain, may require more regular maintenance.

The benefits of HVAC for all sorts of buildings are abundantly clear, but so too is the need for ongoing maintenance and repair. HVAC maintenance should always be carried out by a professional. Scheduled ongoing maintenance will ensure HVAC systems are always performing to the best of their abilities.

Ongoing checks can also help spot any causes for system issues or issues with specific equipment, which may help in deciding if it’s worth replacing certain parts of the system.

Clean and change filters

Cleaning or replacing filters can be an effective way to improve HVAC performance. This is particularly important in industrial manufacturing settings where filtering the air is a crucial requirement of the HVAC system.


The performance of your building’s cooling, heating and ventilation are important. It can help spot any drops in performance early and what might require further investigation. If, for instance, a number of employees complained about a stale atmosphere, it might indicate that your system has potential performance issues.

Removing Debris

HVAC system components can gather debris. Much of this will be removed during regular maintenance. Other debris removal can take place in between regular maintenance. Debris can clog up filters and pipes and can reduce the overall efficiency of your system.

HVAC Commissioning


Any indication that your system has begun leaking should be resolved as soon as possible. This can be caused by a number of factors and will usually require a professional technician to locate the cause and rectify the issue.


It’s important to ensure that all of your electrical components are working as efficiently as possible. Aspects such as the thermostat have a key role in the smooth operation of your HVAC system. Different components should be tested to ensure that they are working correctly and can be quickly rectified.

Visual Inspection

Regular visual inspection of your system is crucial. Spot checking for any damage can help to ensure that repairs are carried out quickly before they have a chance to develop into serious and ongoing problems. If there’s anything that causes concern, a professional technician should be contacted immediately to assess the problem.

Comprehensive HVAC maintenance Services from ECS

ECS will ensure that your commercial HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns, unexpected downtime and reduce repair costs while ensuring you keep running costs under control.

Should your system break down or if you spot an issue that causes concern, then we can be on hand to assess and rectify the problem in no time at all.

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