M&E Validation Survey

What is an M&E validation survey?

A building services validation is an inspection of plant and installations that assesses three principal criteria.

These are:

  • Physical condition
  • Compliance
  • Capacity

An M&E validation survey involves taking readings and compiling comprehensive sets of data based on the current electrical, mechanical and control systems.

It usually includes the isolation of mechanical plant and electrical circuits for detailed inspections.

This can inform design modifications and help to manage risk as well as prioritise any repair works.

Our engineers can validate existing air and water installations, producing an extensive detailed report on the current performance, highlighting any short comings or defects and make the necessary re-testing & re- commissioning recommendations.

A typical validation may include;

M&E Validation

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Physical condition

The physical condition of building services is a principal focus of any validation report.  

This will help advise a client of the remedial and repair work required to ensure any installation is of a serviceable condition. That can include advice on the life expectancy of any plant. 

Any recommendations for replacements, if necessary, will be made and advice given to designers with specific equipment for refurbishment projects.


An M&E validation survey will pay careful attention to issues surrounding regulatory compliance. 

It identifies any areas of non-compliance, or potential non-compliance, and enables clients to include remedial works in any refurbishment projects. 

Meanwhile, existing installations can be brought in line with HSE and industry-specific regulations. 

This aspect of the reporting process is particularly important for building owners who are looking to use a space where an existing building services installation is to be modified or retained to fit in with a new layout.


A key consideration in any renovation, refurbishment or repurposing project will be the ability of existing building services to cope with any change in capacity. 

An M&E validation survey considers the capacity of existing services, and provides the essential information needed for proposed expansions. This in turn will inform budget proposals and specifications for upgrading existing services. 

Any issues with capacity need to be identified at the planning stage to prevent costly implications later, for example if they are only discovered after any usage changes. 

What are the benefits of M&E Surveys?

M&E validation surveys have a range of benefits.

They offer a full, extensive evaluation of existing mechanical and electrical plants and systems. They also advise on the condition and ongoing suitability for use of any systems, as well as give an estimated life expectancy.

Any significant defects that could adversely affect the performance of the building service will be identified by an M&E survey, allowing for remedial and repair work to be undertaken.

The information collected during a survey can be used to prioritise and recommend maintenance actions. It will identify any necessary critical spares and will recommend any additional intrusive inspections that might be required.

How ECS can help?

Our engineers can validate existing air and water installations, producing an extensive detailed report on the current performance, highlighting any shortcomings or defects, and make the necessary retesting and re-commissioning recommendations.

A typical validation may include: