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How to know if your commercial heater is energy efficient

Commercial heating systems are required to undertake a lot of work. They’re essential workhorses for many businesses enabling them to maintain a comfortable temperature in the workplace throughout the colder months. While the overall energy consumption in the UK decreased by a total of 16% from 2005 to 2017, it is important to note that buildings are responsible for 43% of current energy usage.

The Building Energy Efficiency Survey 2016 discovered that 67% of energy consumption in commercial buildings was used to provide building services including lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, and hot water. Helping to make all of these systems more energy efficient could deliver significant energy saving gains for companies. 

With a drive towards carbon neutrality, inefficient heating systems in commercial buildings will need to be addressed if the UK is to reach its carbon-cutting targets.

How can you tell if your commercial heater is energy efficient?

Inefficient heating costs money

If you’re currently running a commercial heating system that’s operating inefficiently then you will be wasting money. Inefficient heaters cost you more and increased bills are a clear indication that your system isn’t working as well as it should.

While rising energy prices are impacting every home and business in the country, significant jumps in your business energy bills can be an indication that something isn’t working effectively. This may have a number of causes so the operational efficiency of your heating system should be thoroughly investigated.

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Patchy Performance

Another clear indication that your heater may not be working as efficiently as expected is its performance. If you find there are cold spots or fluctuating temperatures without the heating controls being adjusted, then this can be an indication that your heating system requires maintenance.

If you’re having to turn up your heating thermostat to achieve comfortable temperatures then it’s likely your heater is no longer operating efficiently. If your heating system isn’t performing as you might expect then it’s worth arranging a maintenance visit to find out if there’s a problem.

The age of your heater

Some of the best, most energy-efficient heating systems can remain efficient and effective for many years with proper maintenance. As a general rule, however, the older your system, the less likely it is to be working as efficiently as it could be. While regular maintenance and servicing can help to extend the service life of your heater, eventually time will win out and it will need to be replaced.

In some instances, you may be able to keep the same heater for up to 20 years, however, its efficiency will decrease over time. Modern commercial heating systems are designed to be much more efficient and energy-saving than legacy systems.

If you’re running an older heating system it’s worth considering having it replaced. Components will wear out eventually and, in some cases, these may be hard to replace. While there is some cost outlay involved upfront, this is likely to be recouped.

 The Environmental Protection Agency believes that 30% of the energy used in a commercial building is wasted due to needless inefficiencies. This high energy consumption can then impact a company’s bottom line. Switching to a more energy-efficient heating system can result in substantial savings in the long run.

How retro-commissioning can help

Retro-commissioning is an intensive and systematic process through which the overall efficiency of an existing building’s systems and equipment can be improved. It can be an effective way to reduce energy consumption and drive down operational costs.

The efficiency of your heating systems will be examined during the retro-commissioning process, which will proactively address any issues that could arise as a result of the equipment ageing. The efficiency and performance of your heating system will be looked at and recommendations given as to how it may be improved or whether it’s in need of replacement.

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